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Okay, I have read all the reviews before I bought this. I am the biggest skeptic and I would only buy things that have more than 4 stars. To those who were complaining of the strong scent being so overpowering. That is not true at all. The smell is a very fresh minty/tea tree oil scent that is pleasant. when I tell you that I have the STINKIEST and the most Moist feet, I mean it. My shoes does NOT SMELL. I always buy new shoes cause it stinks too bad after a while. I work 16 hour days and I am in my shoes the entire time. Thank god for these sprays or my new timberland boots would have stacked. IT also helps if you have gold bond foot powder if you do get a moist feet. The spray does get rid of the bad smell, however your feet is still moist. The mixture of both gold bonds foot powder and this spray. YOU ARE GOOD TO GO.

Nose saver!

Where has this spray been all my teen's sport life? Her shoes smell bad enough to make us gag, and charcoal bags alone weren't getting it done. Enter this spray...and voila! Everything is right in our noses again! It is a very concentrated tea tree smell upon initial spray that will fade quickly as it eats the smelly odors away. Works well on knee pads, in shoes, gym bags and any other stinky item your kid throws at you!

No more husband's stank shoes

I was a sceptical at first and didn't think this product would work but it definitely did the job! My husband shoe's stank i mean good lord did they . But a few squirts of this and I could actually stand his shoes being in the same room! And I even did the shoe to the face sniff test and there was a little bit of foot oder but i am telling you nothing like before where u could smell those things from across the room.



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